Client: Institut Barcelona Esports IBE , BIMSA Ajuntament de Barcelona.    Location: Carrer Sant Iscle 50-54, Nou Barris, Barcelona. 1st Prize competition , 2014   Status: Built (2018)   Area: 4 430 m2 (Building) + 3 952 m2   (Plaza- new garden). Co-architect: Anna Noguera. Project collaborators: Technical Architect: Didac Dalmau.; Manel Fernández: structure;Xavier Saltó-Caba: MEP & sustainability; Anna Zahonero: landscape; Energiehaus & Progetic: energy & sustainability, simulations.;Susaeta:Lighting

Photo credits: Aleix Gonzalez, Javier Fernández P.

Certified LEED Platinum



"A socially transformative project, re-qualifying a tight neighbourhood and giving it a heart. An outstanding use of resources with a sustainable ethos and a magical place to be!"  Note from  World Architecture Festival 2019 Jurors


Client: N/D , Private     Location: México , 2022    Status: Ongoing

BLENDING LIVING  AND ECOLOGY:  By creating a series of cascading terraces, this new sustainable Residential project merges a flexible design with ecology in the post-covid era, offering XXI century amenities within a flexible atmosphere


Client: Ajuntament de Barcelona.    Location:  Barcelona.
2nd Prize competition , Status:  Proposal

Revamping an existing building and integrating it within the Soller square design.

Minimizing demolition works and improving the building life cycle.


Client: Yaroslavl City    Location: Yaroslavl ,Russia 
1st Prize, Spartacus Alive International competition, 2013 ,      Status:  Unbuilt

The site is within the UNESCO zone in the center of the russian city of Yaroslavl.Our goal was to respect as much as possible the historical layer at a depth near 1 m. Thus, we proposed to transform the existing site(an out of regulation running field to be demolished) into a new cultural HUB which integrates 3 different uses of the existing space. We aimed to take the concept of “Flexible space” to another level, not only by creating a building that could change its interior spatial distribution at any given time, but one that at the same time integrated in its overall design 3 different programs:  a container for Culture at the lower level (2 Museums), to become a Summer Memorial site surrounded by nature(in memory of the 2011 accident of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavlv ice hockey team victims)and, during Winter, transform itself into an Ice skating rink for the people, a 3X1


Client: Songdo City    Location: Songdo, Seoul South Korea
 Status:  Proposal

Collaborators:  Surekha D, Ryu Arch.

The new Library Building emerges from the will to connect citizens with citizens (social interaction), with knowledge, technology & nature, all within a cultural & flexible approach, in which all is adaptable. Conceived as a recognizable compact transparent and permeable volume surrounded by gardens and a sunken Piazza, the new building will act as a container or catalyzer of interior and exterior activities, able to change at any time its internal configuration, and connecting visually with the surroundings and IFEZ larger context. It is in the spirit of creating surprising encounters & synergies between citizens that we didn’t focus only in creating a great building for Songdo, but a real integrated complex where a “Sunken Agora” serve as a gathering place for all ages,a place to stay, in connection directly to the rest of the site and the city. The building floorplate spiral around a central Atrium in the heart of the building, allowing for natural light and ventilation, generating visual connections across the different levels. Following the ancient Hanok (한옥) material tradition, we look forward into using Korean larch /CLT and create a prefabricated Library, having in mind a more ecological new era of architecture.


Client: GESVICAN  Location: Castro Urdiales Cantabria
 Status:  Proposal

Project description: 
Responding to the current requirements and thinking ahead on potential spatial adaptation.
The upper levels of the are set back with respect to the facade alignment of Ardigales street, creating new balconies & terraces with vegetation areas and benches, a new outdoor space for the users of the municipal offices, which at the same time will allow magnificent city views.
Passive architecture, solid predominance over voids, use of low ecological footprint materials, selective glazing solutions according to orientation, solar protections, solar energy & water management strategies. Integration of active systems of maximum efficiency: LED lighting combined with natural light control, aerothermal energy production.


Client: N/D, Private    Location: N/D
 Status:  2022 Ongoing

The new 87 meter height condo (GF retail + 27 storeys of residential) will provide the families the pleasure of living in an apartment building with amazing views and a totally connected flat with its outdoor terrace. The project addresses the blend of structure and nature, trying to provide the right balance between the flat spaces and the empty spaces carved into the building volume, allowing for natural light and fresh air to intermingle with the social life of the tenants. Each floor is organized around a central lifts core and consist of 3 or 4 apartments depending on the floor level, with variations in their configurations, heights and number of bedrooms. 


Client: Kaledjohill    Location: Järfälla, Stockholm, Sweden
 Status:  Built

Technology has never been more influential in our behaviour than it is today. Many people find themselves in a situation where they feel like they cannot exist without technology. It has made us more virtually “connected” and has also opened a whole world of possibilities, undoubtely it has brought positive effects. Nevertheless, some people are avoiding real personal contacts and are reducing their interaction with nature & open spaces, setting their own mental limits.The proposal uses this limits as a metaphor and tries to make people aware that they aren’t enclosed only in a virtual world, but in one within nature.The proposal invite us to re-think & question our perception of space. A series of thin pavement lines in Järfälla’s open park will mark the new entrance gate, while creating spatial “limits”,the epitome between one being free or enclosed


Client: Vyksa City   Location: Vyksa, Russia
1st Prize, competition    Status:  Built

Vyksa, in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, is a russian town known for its Steel Works.We proposed to recycle some of the local industry materials in order to produce an temporary art pavilion which could held small exhibitions and at the same time act as a social catalyzer for different activities.


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