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Designing ecological

  • Creating more efficient & sustainable buildings

  • Use of natural materials & introducing Ecological design

  • Projects with Green certification

  • Always thinking ahead of the future / spatial adaptation

  • Flexibility at our core

High quality Design

networked Team

Optimum materials



Environmental friendly &

Healthier buildings

Superficie de madera

"Every project, regardless of its scale, program or location, its a unique opportunity to explore its architectural potentials"


Barcelona Sports facility, Green bioclimatic filter;  completed 2018,   LEED Platinum

"We consider nature an intrinsic part of our work, reconnecting us with our roots"

Viviendas México_J2J architects_Javier_Fernandez_3_edited.jpg

México housing project - Ongoing


Who we are

We are a decentralized team of architects & professionals working from Barcelona and other cities, offering ecological design for people's life improvement. We work with our clients on a physical basis as well as developing high quality projects working from abroad (online/VC), which can become on site amazing buildings.Our range of projects include Residential. Mixed use, Sports facilities, Masterplans, Offices, Hotels and other typhologies.

Objetos temáticos grises

Awards & testimonials

"The commitment to quality public facilities is valued, as well as the significance of the piece for its full integration in a complex urban situation. Thanks to a sober and forceful strategy, it is able to solve many of the challenges posed by the location: topographic difference, access and relationship with the neighborhood. Highlights include the high quality of the top open space and the structural and sustainable use of wood."

Barcelona City Award 2019 in Architecture & Urbanism.

Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2019,

Barcelona City council.

Notes from the judges on the winning project:
"A socially transformative project, re-qualifying a tight neighbourhood and giving it a heart. An outstanding use of resources with a sustainable ethos and a magical place to be!"

World Architecture Festival WAF 2019

Turó de la Peira's Sports center and layout of the interior urban block, Winner: Completed Buildings - sport 


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